How to unblock ICICI Debit card ?

All banks supply a credit/debit card to their users. If you enter your PIN wrongly three times, it can be rendered inaccessible or lost altogether – despite any reason necessitating unblocking it by yourself! If the card is not received at home, consider visiting an ICICI branch in order to complete debit card activation procedures and then submit an application for replenishment (if necessary). It should go without saying that this guide provides comprehensive information about how to unblock ICICI ATM Card step-by-step so as not overlook anything. 

Things required to unblock ICICI Debit Card

There are a few things that you need to have with you to unblock your IDBI debit card.

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  • ICICI Debit Card 
  •  Account  Number
  • Your Signature
  • Photo ID

How to unblock ICICI Debit card in Branch?

Follow these simple steps to unlock your ICICI card in Branch.

1. Visit an ICICI bank branch and present your original card and account number to the staff.

2. Give them your photo ID and sign the requisition form. 

3. The bank will now create a new personal identification number (PIN) for you, which you need to use in order to make future transactions. Write this down and keep it confidential as you will need to enter it in the next step. 

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4. You will now be asked to choose a new security code for your card. This is the four digit number that you will need to enter in order to access your funds.

5. Finally, the bank will unblock debit card with a new PIN and account number.

How to unblock ICICI Debit card in ATM?

Follow these simple steps to unlock your ICICI card in ATM.

Step 1: Enter your ICICI ATM card number

Enter the six-digit number that is printed on the front or back of your ICICI card.

Step 2: Enter your account number

Next, enter the nine-digit account number that is also printed on the front or back of your ICICI card.

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Step 3: Enter your PIN

Finally, enter your four-digit PIN. Make sure to remember this PIN as you will need it to complete other transactions on your ICICI debit card.

How to unblock ICICI Debit card  using Net Banking?

If you are using Net Banking, follow these simple steps:

1. Log into your ICICI bank account online.

2. Click on the “My Accounts” tab and then select “Debit Cards.”

3. On the “Debit Cards” page, click on the “Unblock Card” link next to your card name.

4. Enter your new PIN and click on the “Unblock” button.

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