Zila Sahkari Bank Balance Enquiry, Missed Call Alerts, and Toll Free Number

Zila Sahkari Bank has started a mobile helpline to know bank balance. Balance Enquiry helps customers to check the balance of your bank account at any moment. Before that, the customer has to visit the nearest ATM or branch to know their bank account balance. The Bank founded in at Jagital of Andhra Pradesh in the year 2000..

 Zila Sahkari Bank provides many facilities like net banking, mobile banking, Telebanking, etc. So, customer can access their bank account any time of day without any issue.

How to Register for Bank Balance Enquiry

 Zila Sahkari Bank provides bank balance enquiry only at branch. Only those customers can get the bank balance inquiry, which visit their branch personally. Here are other ways to check your bank account balance:

Bank ATM

Bank provides a debit card with each bank account. The customer has to visit the nearest bank ATM. There, customers can check the bank account balance instantly. ATM also helps customers to withdraw money from their bank account.


Recently, bank has launched a mobile application name ZSBLGZB-mPassbook. With this mobile application, bank account holder can know their balance at any time of day. ZSBLGZB-mPassbook Balance Enquiry helps customers to check the balance of your bank account at any moment.

 Zila Sahkari Bank Balance Enquiry through Miss Call Alerts

 Zila Sahkari Bank Balance Enquiry Service remains open all day at their branches. Bank does not have any Balance Enquiry Number yet.

The Missed Call facility is not available for Saving Bank and Current Bank Accounts.

Zila Sahkari Bank Customer Care or Toll-Free Number

Customers can call on +91 120 2824884, 85, 86 or send email to info@zsblghaziabad.com in at any time. if you want to send a letter to the bank then send it following address :

Zila Sahkari Bank address:

RDC A-20, Rajnagar, Ghaziabad, U.P PIN 201 002

Bank  Zila Sahkari Bank
Customer Care Phone+91 120 2824884, 85, 86
Bank Customer Care Email info@zsblghaziabad.com
Head Office+91 120 2824884, 85, 86

Zila Sahkari Bank Branches and ATMs

BranchDistrictAddressIFSC CodeContacts
Hapur MainGhaziabadBranch Code 0001, Pakka Bagh, Hapur, Gzb., Email: hpr.main@zsblghaziabad.comZSBL00000110122-2335979 / 7217894901
WrightganjGhaziabadBranch Code 0002, 79, Wrightganj, Ghanta Ghar, Gzb., Email: wrightganj@zsblghaziabad.comZSBL00000210120-2851608 / 7217894902
Modinagar MainGhaziabadBranch Code 0003, G.T. Road, Modinagar, Email: mdnr.main@zsblghaziabad.comZSBL000003101232-243013 / 7217894903
SimbhaoliGhaziabadBranch Code 0004, Hapur Garh Road, Buxar, Simbholi, Email: simbhoali@zsblghaziabad.comZSBL000004105731-223046 / 7217894904
PilkhuwaGhaziabadBranch Code 0005, Chandi Road, Pilkhuwa, Gzb., Email: pilkhuwa@zsblghaziabad.comZSBL00000510122-2322242 / 7217894905
DadriG. B. NagarBranch Code 0006, G.T. Road, Dadri, Near Bus Stand, GBN, Email: dadri@zsblghaziabad.comZSBL00000610120-2662643 / 7217894906
Garh MukteshwarGhaziabadBranch Code 0007, Opp. Bus Stand, Garh, Gzb., Email: garhmukteshwar@zsblghaziabad.comZSBL000007105731-221133 / 7217894907
SahibabadGhaziabadBranch Code 0008, 4/54, Rajendra Nagar, Sahibabad, Email: sahibabad@zsblghaziabad.comZSBL00000810120-2630432 / 7217894908
MuradnagarGhaziabadBranch Code 0009, Kasba Road, Muradnagar, Email: muradnagar@zsblghaziabad.comZSBL000009101232-261101 / 7217894909
Hapur EveGhaziabadBranch Code 0010, Chmbrs of Commerce, Chandi Road, Hapur, Email: hpr.evening@zsblghaziabad.comZSBL00001010122-2335286 / 7217894910
Hapur MandiGhaziabadBranch Code 0011, Naveen Mandi, Hapur, Email: hpr.mandi@zsblghaziabad.comZSBL00001110122-2334483 / 7217894911
Rajnagar | ATMGhaziabadBranch Code 0012, RDC A-20, Rajnagar, Gzb., Email: rajnagar@zsblghaziabad.comZSBL00001210122-2704884 / 7217894912
Surya NagarGhaziabadBranch Code 013, A-53, Rampuri, Surya Nagar, Gzb., Email: suryanagar@zsblghaziabad.comZSBL00001310120-2640463 / 7217894913
Hapur Nagar PalikaGhaziabadBranch Code 0014, City Board, Hapur, Email: hpr.nagar.palika@zsblghaziabad.comZSBL00001410122-2310479 / 7217894914
Kuchesar RoadGhaziabadBranch Code 0015, Hapur Garh Road, Kuchesar Road, Chaupla, Email: kucheshar@zsblghaziabad.comZSBL00001510122-2342032 / 7217894915
DhaulanaGhaziabadBranch Code 0016, Vill. Dhaulana, Email: dhaulana@zsblghaziabad.comZSBL00001610122-2376512 / 7217894916
BahadurgarhGhaziabadBranch Code 0017, Vill. & P.O. Bahadurgarh, Email: bahadurgarh@zsblghaziabad.comZSBL000017105731-225625 / 7217894917
BabugarhGhaziabadBranch Code 0018, Hapur Garh Road, Babugarh, Email: babugarh@zsblghaziabad.comZSBL00001810122-2338037 / 7217894918
MudafraGhaziabadBranch Code 0019, Vill. & P.O. Mudafra, Email: mudafra@zsblghaziabad.comZSBL00001910122-2345028 / 7217894919
ChhapraulaG. B. NagarBranch Code 0020, G. T. Road, Chhapraula, G. B. Nagar, Email: chhapraula@zsblghaziabad.comZSBL00002010120-2673250 / 7217894920
Sector 31 NoidaG. B. NagarBranch Code 0021, A-31, Sec-26, G. B. Nagar, Email: sec21.noida@zsblghaziabad.comZSBL00002110120-2455863 / 7217894921
Modinagar EveGhaziabadBranch Code 0022, G. T. Road, Modinagar, Email: mdnr.evening@zsblghaziabad.comZSBL000022101232-242821 / 7217894922
Ghaziabad EveGhaziabadBranch Code 0023, Maliwara, Gzb., Email: gzb.evening@zsblghaziabad.comZSBL00002310120-2833063 / 7217894923
SurajpurG. B. NagarBranch Code 0024, Main Road, Surajpur, G. B. Nagar, Email: surajpur@zsblghaziabad.comZSBL00002410120-2560063 / 7217894924
SuranaGhaziabadBranch Code 0025, Muradnagar Road, Surana, Email: surana@zsblghaziabad.comZSBL000025101232-295852 / 7217894925
Freeganj HapurGhaziabadBranch Code 0026, Upbhokta Sahkari Sangh, Freeganj Road, Hapur, Email: freeganj.hpr@zsblghaziabad.comZSBL00002610122-2305299 / 7217894926
GovindpuriGhaziabadBranch Code 0027, Meerut Road, Govindpuri, Email: govindpuri@zsblghaziabad.comZSBL000027101232-251013 / 7217894927
Noida 66G. B. NagarBranch Code 0028, E-3, Sity Public School, Sec-61, G. B. Nagar, Email: sec61.noida@zsblghaziabad.comZSBL00002810120-2484100 / 7217894928
Head OfficeGhaziabadBranch Code 0029, RDC A-20, Rajnagar, Gzb., Email: info@zsblghaziabad.comZSBL00002910120-2824884-85-86 / –
BhojpurGhaziabadBranch Code 0030, Bhojpur, Modinagar, Email: bhojpur@zsblghaziabad.comZSBL000030101232-279771 / 7217894930
VijaynagarGhaziabadBranch Code 0031, B-1, Sec-12, Pratap Vihar, Vijay Nagar, Email: vijay.ngr@zsblghaziabad.comZSBL00003110120-2844632 / 7217894931
KhoraGhaziabadBranch Code 0032, Khoda Colony, Khoda, Email: khora@zsblghaziabad.comZSBL0000321– / 7217894932
Ravali KalaGhaziabadBranch Code 0033, Vill. Ravalikala, Muradnagar, Email: ravali.kalan@zsblghaziabad.comZSBL0000331– / 7217894933
LoniGhaziabadBranch Code 0034, Hansh Automobiles, Loni, Gzb., Email: loni@zsblghaziabad.comZSBL00003410120-2600906 / 7217894934

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