How to close HDFC Credit Card Online and Offline Step by Step

If you are an HDFC credit cardholder considering closing your card, this step-by-step guide will assist you in navigating the process. Whether you prefer online or offline methods, we have you covered. Read on to discover how to close your HDFC credit card hassle-free.

Closing Your HDFC Credit Card Online

  1. Begin by visiting the official HDFC Bank website.
  2. Access the credit card section.
  3. Locate the “Customer Service” or “Customer Support” option.
  4. Choose “Credit Card Closure” or “Close Card.”
  5. Fill in the required details, including card information and reason for closure.
  6. Confirm your request to close the credit card account.
  7. Await confirmation from HDFC Bank regarding the closure.

Closing Your HDFC Credit Card Offline

  1. Contact the HDFC Bank customer service helpline.
  2. Provide your credit card details and express your intent to close the card.
  3. Answer security questions for verification purposes.
  4. Follow the representative’s instructions to initiate the closure process.
  5. Request confirmation and inquire about any additional steps, if necessary.
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Important Considerations:

  1. Clearing Dues: Make sure all outstanding dues, fees, and interest charges are settled before closing your card.
  2. Reward Points: Redeem or transfer accumulated reward points prior to closing the account.
  3. Auto-debits and Payments: Update or cancel any auto-debits or recurring payments associated with your HDFC credit card.
  4. Credit Score Impact: Understand that closing a credit card may affect your credit score, especially in terms of credit utilization ratio.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Can I close my HDFC credit card online from outside India?

A1. Yes, you can close your HDFC credit card online regardless of your location.

Q2. Will closing my HDFC credit card affect my credit score?

A2. Closing a credit card may impact your credit score, particularly if it alters your credit utilization ratio.

Q3. How long does it take to close an HDFC credit card?

A3. The closure process typically takes around 7 to 10 business days, but processing times may vary.

Q4. Can I reopen a closed HDFC credit card account?

A4. No, once a credit card account is closed, it cannot be reopened. You will need to apply for a new card.

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Q5. Are there any charges for closing an HDFC credit card account?

A5. HDFC Bank may apply a nominal fee for closing a credit card account. Refer to the bank’s terms and conditions or contact customer service for specific details.


Closing your HDFC credit card is a straightforward process when you follow the provided steps. Remember to settle outstanding dues, manage reward points, update auto-debits, and consider the impact on your credit score. By adhering to this comprehensive guide, you can successfully close your HDFC credit card and take control of your financial journey.

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